Membership FAQs | DEEP Relief Austin

Q: How does the membership work?

A: You choose the membership that suits your needs, and you will receive one of your selected treatments per month.  Any unlimited additional treatments you wish to receive will be billed to you at the discounted member price.

Q: Do your memberships require a long-term contract?

​A: It is a three month contract, after that you may cancel at any time with a 30day notice.

Q: Do you have a combination membership for massage and acupuncture?

A: Yes. We do, you may use your monthly treatment for either a massage or an acupuncture treatment, but acupuncture is only available at our South Austin office.

Q: Do unused treatments roll over?

A: Yes.  Any unused treatments will roll over for 12 consecutive months.

Q: May I gift my unused treatments to a friend?

A: Yes & No.  You may gift unused massage treatments to friends and family, but acupuncture treatments can only be gifted to someone if they have already gone through the initial exam process and it has been less than 6 months since they have been actively treated with acupuncture at Deep Relief.

Q: Are there cancellation fees:

A: Yes & No.  No cancellation fee to cancel the membership (but a 30 day notice is required to stop the auto draft).  Any individual service that is not canceled within 24hrs of that service will be required to pay a cancelation fee of 100% of the scheduled service or forfeit your treatment for that month.  We value our therapists time and agree to pay them if we cannot refill that time slot, we greatly appreciate your understanding.  We also encourage you to send someone else in if you find that you can not make it to your appointment, and did not have time to notify us in time.